Asset management and auditing in the cloud

Jobsite makes asset management simple. The cloud-based system streamlines the process for businesses, eliminating the paper trail at the source. It puts information at the users’ fingertips, saving businesses time and money. The sophisticated interface allows users to effortlessly share, distribute and find information using a smartphone or tablet.

Save time and money

Business is tough enough, without having to spend time on monitoring assets. Paperwork mounts up, documents become difficult to find and tasks become easy to forget. Jobsite takes the headache out of management, taking care of assets so you don’t have to.

Organise your assets with ease

The days of scouring through filling cabinets are over. Jobsite organises your assets and their documents into manageable folders, based on your requirements. For example, you can manage assets based on type or location.

Eliminates the need for paper

No longer do you have to rely on an extensive paper trail to monitor assets. Jobsite eliminates the need for paper based asset documentation, reporting, logging and audit trails. It allows users to maintain assets with ease.

Access information on the go

With a simple touch of a screen, users can access all assets and documents on the go. All you need is a smartphone or a tablet with Internet access and you’re ready to go.

QR code integration makes onsite access easy

QR code stickers are placed on all assets, allowing easy and instant access onsite. All users need is a smartphone or tablet equipped with the Internet and away they go. Once onsite, users simply scan the code with the Jobsite app and gain asset information directly.

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