Features and benefits

Assets and locations

Jobsite makes organising assets and sharing information simple. It eliminates the need for paper, making information easy to access. Assets and their documentation are organised into folders, with no restrictions on file size or the number of folders created. Businesses can also choose how their assets are grouped, for example by type or location. All information is automatically backed up, so there is no risk of loss.

Mobile and tablet compatible

Jobsite is mobile and tablet compatible, allowing users to access all assets and documents on the go. QR codes are integrated on all assets and locations to allow easy and instant access onsite. For tradies and maintenance staff onsite, all they need is Internet access and their smartphone or tablet to perform their job. With Jobsite they can access asset information, take photos, update records and report issues.

Task feature

Jobsite’s task feature facilitates easier maintenance of assets by streamlining the process. Through the easy-to-use interface, management can assign tasks to staff and get reports that are overdue. Recurring tasks can also be set to ensure quality control requirements are always met. Users will never forget about asset maintenance again, with recurring tasks like maintenance, auditing and inspections always set.

Easy auditing with forms

Jobsite’s form feature allows businesses to keep on top of their documentation. Businesses can build their own forms for reporting and auditing, as well as integrate forms with tasks for regular form-filling duties. The online system also allows businesses to meet safety requirements with regulation forms for safety checks.